1.5 High Field MRI

What is it?

BayCare boasts the world’s most powerful 1.5 high field MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), combining image quality with the comfort that you deserve. It does not use radiation. Instead it takes images of your body with radio waves.

What is it for?

The 1.5T High Field MRI is good if you are anxious, nervous or claustrophobic. It is also a used if you have pain or mobility problems.

It is extra wide making it comfortable for all sizes and body types. You’ll have more room at your head and elbows.

How to prepare

  • Discuss your medical history, health problems and allergies with your health care provider
  • You will be given instructions about eating and drinking prior to the exam


  • There is little risk associated with an MRI as the strong magnetic field is not considered harmful
  • There is a slight risk of an allergic reaction if contrast material is used

What happens during?

  • You may receive some sedation medication to help calm you
  • You may feel slightly warm
  • You’ll be asked to remain as still and motionless as possible
  • You’ll know when images are being created from a thumping or tapping sound you’ll hear
  • You’ll have contact with your technologist at all times

What happens after?

  • Unless you were sedated, there is no recovery period needed
  • You can resume normal activities and diet following the exam

Side effects

  • On rare occasions, pain and nausea is experienced. This is usually from allergies to contrast material. Hives, itchy eyes and other reactions could also happen from contrast material allergies.