What is it?

The most advanced MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology is the new 3T MRI system available at several BayCare Imaging locations. Officially called the MAGNETOM Trio™ from Siemens Medical Solutions, the 3T MRI eliminates the need for patient repositioning during a MRI, provides even greater enhanced image quality, and opens new doors to applications, including abdominal, cardiac, spine, orthopedic and whole-body scanning.

How to prepare

  • Discuss your medical history, health problems and allergies with your health care provider
  • You will be given instructions about eating and drinking prior to the exam


  • There is little risk associated with an MRI as the strong magnetic field is not considered harmful
  • There is a slight risk of an allergic reaction if contrast material is used

What happens during?

  • You may receive some sedation medication to help calm you
  • You may feel slightly warm
  • You’ll be asked to remain as still and motionless as possible
  • You’ll know when images are being created from a thumping or tapping sound you’ll hear
  • You’ll have contact with your technologist at all times

What happens after?

  • Unless you were sedated, there is no recovery period needed
  • You can resume normal activities and diet following the exam

Side effects

  • On rare occasions, pain and nausea is experienced. This is usually from allergies to contrast material. Hives, itchy eyes and other reactions could also happen from contrast material allergies.