Outpatient Rehabilitation Center Quality Data

Neurological and Medical Programs

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2015 treatment outcome and results

Our therapists are SPECIALIZED in treating your diagnosis!

In 2015 we treated:

  • 58 persons with traumatic brain injuries
  • 102 persons with stroke
  • 17 persons with spinal cord injuries
  • 31 adolescents with sports injuries
  • 53 persons with pelvic floor weakness

Our patients are SATISFIED with their treatment!

  • 96.7% of our patients rated their overall satisfaction with our programs as EXCELLENT!

Our patients are SAFE accessing their communities!

  • 92% of our patients reported no falls 90 days after their discharge

Our patients received EXCELLENT education and training!

  • The functional improvement for our stroke and brain injury patients is 13 points above the national benchmark

Our stroke patients ACHIEVE RESULTS!

  • 100% of our stroke patients report no aspiration/pneumonia after discharge
  • 95% of our stroke patients are able to use their home exercise program with minimal assistance

Our patients have their EXPECTATIONS MET!

  • 98% of vocational rehabilitation clients reported their expectations were met

Outcomes for Medical/Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • Our patients consistently experience a decrease in pain above the national average
  • Our patients experience functional improvement at a greater level than the national average
  • Our outcomes listed by problem area, benchmarked against Care Connections National Data, 2015, confirm our success:


 Facility Data

 National Data

 Upper Extremity

      Functional Improvement
      Decrease in Pain
 Lower Extremity

     Functional Improvement
     Decrease in Pain  5.25

     Functional Improvement
     Decrease in Pain
 Overall Outcome

 Functional Improvement
 Decrease in Pain
 Average number of visits