Outpatient Diabetes Care and Education

The certified diabetes educators (CDEs) of the Center for Diabetes Education provide individual and group outpatient education to adults referred to the Center. The Center for Diabetes Education is recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self Management Education.

Programs offered at the Center for Diabetes Education are designed to help people with diabetes and their families better understand diabetes and take charge of their health. As more than 90% of diabetes care is self care, it is important for people with diabetes to receive ongoing diabetes education. This education has been shown to reduce the risks of long term complications of diabetes.

Classes are held in English only, but individual education can be provided in Spanish. If needed, all diabetes class topics can be taught in individual appointments.

Diabetes Programs and Services

Diabetes Self Management Education

  • Topics include healthy food choices and carbohydrate counting, eating for a healthy heart, label reading, monitoring blood glucose, exercising safely, making changes for better health, setting goals, problem solving, preventing complications, medication management, personal care, and caring for emotional health.
  • Education is completed through individual appointments and a series of classes.
  • Education is hands on, with practice sessions in class and between classes. There is also time to ask questions in classes and privately.
  • As medically allowed, people are encouraged to participate in a brief, non strenuous walking session as a part of the program.
  • Education can also include learning to give injectable diabetes medicines, such as insulin, if ordered by the physician. This education is generally done in an individual appointment.
  • Education for women with gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy) is usually conducted in individual appointments.

Additional Programs

  • Diabetes support groups meet at the hospital Wellness Center. For information about support groups, please call (863) 293-1121 ext 3066.
  • The diabetes educators are available to provide talks for community groups, organizations and worksite programs. To arrange to have a diabetes educator speak to your group, please call (863) 293-1121 ext 3259 or ext 3478.

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Making an Appointment

  • To request an appointment for diabetes education, or for questions, please call (863) 293-1121 ext 3066.
  • All appointments require a physician’s referral, which will be obtained by the Center staff.
  • Classes are offered on a rotating basis in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Please call for dates and times.
  • All appointments and classes are held in the Wellness Center of Winter Haven Hospital, 200 Avenue F NE, Winter Haven, FL.
  • Fees for diabetes education are charged to your health insurance. You may have a co-pay and/or an out of pocket cost. The hospital has financial counselors who can explain your costs and can work with you regarding charges.