Present for the dedication of the Winter Haven Hospital when it moved to southwest Seventh Street in September 1928 were physicians and a group of community leaders representing every local civic and fraternal organization. The original building was located on Northeast Avenue C.

Among the group here are Willard Frederick, Ernest Wimberly, Russell Haas, L. E. Huie, O. E. Frye, James Keefe, O. P. Warren, O. R. Lindstrom, Roy Wilkerson, George Sampson, Harry King, Jay Stull, Dr. R. E. Gilbert, Hart McKillop, Dr. Sherman, Mrs. Charles Worden, Al Newman, Frank Pierce, Dr. W. T. Simpson, K. E. Bragdon, Dr. R. H. Mooty, O. C. Stanley, Dr. O. R. Alexander, Dr. F. E. Irons, and Glenn D. Gerke.


1926 - Winter Haven Hospital founded (charter)
1930 - Original hospital moved from Avenue C, NE to 223 7th Street
1937 - New Hospital facility built on current Lake Martha site
1953, '56, '61  - Major capital campaigns
1967 - Nine-Story "Swann" building completed
1968 - First hospital based community mental health center in U.S. established
1972 - "Street" building completed
1975 - "Arnold" building completed - E.D./A.S.U.
1978 - Cancer treatment center completed
1983 - Mid-Florida Medical Services (Chartered)
1987 - Regency Medical Center (now Winter Haven Women's Hospital) completed
1990 - "Sweet" Center complex completed (multi-purpose office space)
1991 - Establishment of Mid-Florida Rehab Center (first nationally accredited comprehensive physical rehab center in Polk County)
1995 - Winter Haven Hospital acquires "Gill Jones" campus (40,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose office complex)
1999 - New Winter Haven Hospital Emergency Department completed
1999 - New Winter Haven Hospital Ambulatory Surgery and Diagnostic Center completed
2000 - Mid-Florida Medical Services; 2,500 employees (5th largest employer in Polk County)
2001 - Winter Haven Hospital celebrates 75 years of service.
2001 - Winter Haven Hospital, Shands Healthcare, and the University of Florida College of Medicine implement health service partnership.
2003 - Winter Haven Hospital (527 total licensed beds)
2003 - Winter Haven Hospital completes agreement with the University of Florida College of Medicine to manage and staff our Emergency Services Department.
2005 - Winter Haven Hospital establishes Bostick Heart Center
2006 - Winter Haven Hospital receives JCAHO designation as a Stroke Center
2013 - Winter Haven Hospital joins BayCare Health System
2013 -  Winter Haven Hospital continues Magent and CARF certification