Cord Blood Banking

Thanks to the advances in medical research, some amazing discoveries have been found with the use of cord blood. This is the blood found in the umbilical cord and placenta after it is detached from the baby. The blood in the umbilical cord contains stem cells – the same disease-fighting cells found in bone marrow. The cord blood can only be collected immediately following the baby’s birth. This is completely painless to both mother and infant. Data indicates that the cord blood can be stored for many, many years.

These cells have been used as part of the treatment for leukemia and other cancers, blood disorders and immune disorders. The cells are a perfect match for the donor child with no risk of rejection, because the cord blood is made up of the child’s own blood. Not only can it be used for the child it was collected from, but siblings as well may be suitable for transplant. Finding a bone marrow donor can be difficult. With cord blood storage it’s ready should your child ever need it.

If you are interested in cord blood banking, please discuss this with your physician in advance.