Late Pregnancy/Stillborn

What kind of feelings can I anticipate?

A few months after a late pregnancy loss or stillborn, it is important to remember that the grieving process takes time. It is normal to feel shock and disbelief several times during any given day throughout the process. The reality of your loss is painful.

As your body returns to its original state, the emotional aspect of your loss becomes more significant. It is often helpful to verbalize your feelings and concerns to a family member, friend, a professional, and/or your partner. The ability to identify your feelings and put them into words is helpful. To seek comfort from your partner can be a healthy way for both of you as a couple to work through grief.

Seven to eight months after your late pregnancy loss, you will begin to emotionally recover from your loss, and the memory of your experience will become clearer. However, this time may be more difficult than you anticipated as you approach your original due date. This can trigger a revisit of feelings of emptiness, sadness and anger. You are encouraged to utilize your support system during this time, and remember that the grieving process takes time.

One year after your loss, memories of the events that occurred will likely be more vivid. The anniversary of your loss is a significant date for you and your family, and this may be a very stressful time. It is healthy to revisit original feelings on occasions such as holidays, anniversaries and new losses. Again, remember the grieving process takes time and everyone grieves differently. It’s important to be patient, accepting, and supportive to yourself and your partner while utilizing your support system and allowing yourself time to grieve.

How soon can we plan another pregnancy?

The answer to that question is different for everyone. There are two experts to consult: your physician and yourself. Your physician can determine when you are physically able to carry another pregnancy safely. The second expert is you. Only you can know if you have healed emotionally. Be sure to allow yourself enough time so that you can be truly involved in a new pregnancy and in creating a new life.