Discharge Information for St. Joseph's Women's Hospital

As soon as you know when you will be discharged, please arrange with a family member or friend for transportation home so that your discharge will not be delayed. Physicians make their rounds in the morning, so discharge times are generally no later than 11 a.m.

Discharge time and instructions are personalized to your particular procedure and how well you are recovering. Generally, your physician will write a discharge order on your chart and discuss discharge instructions with you. You will also be given a discharge notice explaining any special instructions your physician has requested.

For your safety, a St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital team member or volunteer will take you to the discharge area. We require that you be taken to the discharge area in a wheelchair, just in case you become weak. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

This is a friendly reminder that in order to be discharged from St. Joseph's Women's Hospital you will need to have a car seat for your baby. Please be advised that St. Joseph's Women's Hospital does NOT provide car seats. Please read more about Car Seat Safety for additional information.