Why Robotic Surgery?

You may have heard the term “robotic surgery” and wondered what it means. Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery. Robotic surgery uses small incisions and the precision of a robot to perform a surgical procedure in the least invasive way possible.

“Robotic surgery” refers to the robotic surgical system your surgeon uses to perform your procedure. Your surgeon is controlling the procedure the entire time. Learn more about the robot.

Robotic Surgical Procedures: Why Choose St. Joseph’s Hospitals
St. Joseph’s Hospitals are the region’s leaders in performing all types of minimally invasive surgery, including robotic surgery. Surgeons require specialized training to operate using the robotic surgical system. At St. Joseph’s Hospitals, our doctors undergo extensive training, so they are well prepared to perform robotic procedures.

During a robotic surgical procedure, your surgeon has superior visualization and better access to the affected area. This translates into a more precise surgery for you with less pain, less scarring and a shorter recovery. Learn more about the benefits of robotic surgery.

Robotic Procedures in Tampa, Florida
Doctors are continuing to investigate the many ways they can use robotic surgery. While surgeons prefer a traditional approach for some surgeries, the list of procedures that surgeons perform using a robotic surgical system continues to grow.

At St. Joseph’s Hospitals Advanced Center for Robotic Surgery, our expert surgeons perform many robotic procedures, including: