Pre-Surgery Preparation

You can try these tips at home prior to surgery:

  • Remove any loose rugs, as they can be hazardous when you are walking in the house. Make sure you tape down all electrical cords.
  • Store additional canned and frozen foods and make sure all supplies are between waist and shoulder level.
  • You will need to keep both legs elevated for the first four to six weeks following surgery. This is best accomplished in a recliner chair, or a chair with armrests and an ottoman for appropriate leg support.
  • Prepare a sleeping room on the main floor, or ensure that you only have to climb the stairs once a day.
  • Make sure you have a cordless phone for greater efficiency in answering any phone calls.
  • Arrange for someone to assist you at home.
  • Call to schedule an appointment to attend the pre-op joint replacement class.
  • Special equipment will help to ensure an easier recovery following surgery. Your physical and occupational therapists will recommend equipment for you and will help you and your family in obtaining this equipment following surgery. Some of this equipment may include:
    • Elevated toilet seats 
    • Shower seats 
    • Handrails and grab bars, especially when getting in and out of the bathtub
    • Grasping device for putting on socks and shoes

For a referral to one of our orthopedic surgeons, call (813) 870-4747.