Hip, Knee & Joint Replacement

St. Joseph's Hospital's orthopedic surgeons provide treatment for hip replacement, knee replacement and a wide range of lower extremity problems. We offer the latest technologies for joint replacement including gender specific joints, hip resurfacing, computer aided navigation and more.

Treatments include joint replacement, revision of previously replaced joints that have worn out with normal usage, partial knee transplantation and arthroscopic surgery.

Using innovative joint replacement and bone grafting methods, St. Joseph's orthopedic surgeons reconstruct hundreds of hip and knee joints each year. Our specialists care for a variety of joint problems, including joints that have been fractured or damaged by arthritis. Following surgery, specially trained physical therapists provide individualized care to help ensure long-term success.

In reconstruction surgery, joints that are uneven or worn away are replaced with artificial implants. St. Joseph's orthopedic surgeons also treat such difficult fracture problems as pelvic/acetabular (hip socket) injuries, complex long-bone fractures especially when near the joint, bone infections and fractures that have difficulty healing.

Modern total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty) was popularized by Sir John Charnley of England and has been used extensively throughout the world for over three decades. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate pain, provide motion and restore a functional quality of life to patients who have advanced arthritis in the hip joint. Occasionally, these procedures are completed for displaced hip fractures in the elderly.

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