Spine Treatments

Surgical treatments can help with spinal problems linked to cancer, injury, aging and degeneration. When considering surgery, we believe there is one factor that stands above all others: feeling comfortable and safe with your surgeon.

At St. Joseph’s Hospital, our experienced surgeons not only use the best tools and techniques, we also emphasize compassion and communication. We take the time to explain possible treatments and answer your questions.

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Comprehensive Spine Surgery Program at BayCare

Our surgeons work hard to relieve your pain and restore function with our treatments. Our program features:

Spine Surgery Technology at St. Joseph’s

At St. Joseph’s, we always have your health and safety in mind. We take a selective approach when it comes to new technology: We only adopt new techniques and equipment after assessing their safety and effectiveness.

Our team embraces new procedures that deliver optimal results. In the Tampa region, we’re at the forefront for several advances, including oblique lumbar interbody fusion (OLIF), a type of spinal fusion. Other innovations include:

Computer-Assisted Surgery: ISO-C Navigation

We use the ISO-C navigation system to create 3D images of the surgical site. The images help guide our surgeons, making their surgical screw placement as accurate as possible.

Nervous System Protection: Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)

Our surgeons work with a team that provides intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IOM) — equipment that monitors the spinal cord and nerves throughout surgery. Thanks to the immediate feedback, our surgeons can quickly adjust their approach and avoid damage and other complications.

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