Mom and Baby Unit

Congratulations! You've given birth. Whether this is your first, second or fifth baby, we are here to support you and make you as comfortable as possible before returning home to care for your newborn. The Mom and Baby Unit is a peaceful, relaxing space where your recovery and the health of your new baby are our top priorities.

Care after Birth

Moms and babies can recover together in one our private suites that are beautifully outfitted with dark chocolate cabinetry and wood floors, and plush fabrics. In addition to the large high-definition TV, these suites include an individually controlled entertainment system connected to the Internet, a large bathroom with a full-size shower and an in-room family area.

The couches turn into beds, so partners can stay with mom overnight. The food in our Waterside Café is delicious and you can order anything you would like from the menu—just like room service at a luxurious hotel. There are no visiting hours, so your family can stay with you as long as you are comfortable; however, we do not allow siblings of the new babies to stay overnight.

Newborn Education

If this is your first baby, you may feel nervous about caring for such a tiny person. Not to worry. Our postpartum nurses are very experienced and will help you learn to bathe and care for your newborn.

We also have breastfeeding counselors who can help coach you through the beginning of breastfeeding, which can be challenging for most new moms. Our nurses are also very skilled at helping women establish a strong bond with their newborn—you will be in excellent, supportive and caring hands.

Baby Portraits

If you wish to have baby portraits taken, our professional photographers will capture your special moments in the privacy of your own room. Our portrait packages are designed to showcase your baby's birth and can be delivered to you on the same day.

As a friendly reminder, in order to be discharged from St. Joseph's Hospital-South you must have a car seat for your baby. Please be advised that St. Joseph's Hospital-South does not provide car seats.