Specialized Emergency Care for Stroke

Patients who come to St. Anthony's Emergency Center with symptoms of stroke (brain attack) can take comfort in knowing that they will receive the most advanced stroke treatment available. We're very proud of this national recognition, but even more proud of the excellent care our patients receive.

At St. Anthony's, a brain attack is treated like a trauma, with a top-notch Brain Attack Team (BRAT) assembled to bring together medical professionals, resources and technology to stop or minimize damage to the patient's brain and body.

Like many medical conditions, brain attack must be treated quickly for the patient to achieve the best results. There is a 180-minute window from the onset of symptoms to arrival in the ER and administration of medications. The goal is to dissolve the blood clots that cause stroke.

The hospitals have organized the BRAT team approach to make sure patients receive immediate evaluation, fast turnaround on lab tests and quick administration of medication. In addition, stroke patients recover on a specialized unit where experienced nurses have been trained in managing their illness.

Learn more about the neurosciences program at St. Anthony's Hospital by calling (727) 825-1111.