Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management

Customized Programs

Outpatient nutrition counseling provided by a Registered Dietitian (RD) builds understanding of the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Defining a clear action plan and changes in your eating habits can improve your health. Our team of Registered Dietitians, provides individualized and often insurance covered Medical Nutrition Therapy for numerous conditions including but not limited to:

Cancer  High cholesterol 
Diabetes Hypertension
Chronic kidney disease Underweight / Malnutrition 
Gastrointestinal disorders Obesity / Overweight
Heart disease / CHF Food allergies

To Schedule an Appointment

A physician’s referral is required. You may contact our center to request a LifeHelp referral form for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Your physician’s office may fax the signed referral listing a nutrition related ICD10 diagnosis code to our office and our team will contact you to schedule your nutrition appointment. For some conditions individual and or group nutrition therapy classes are offered via virtual or in person sessions. Please call 727-820-7910 option 1 to request a referral form.

Insurance Coverage Guide

Medical Nutrition Therapy is commonly covered by insurance; however, your insurance may have a deductible or limit coverage offerings. We recommend confirming your insurance coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy with your insurance provider. Consider asking "how many sessions/hours of Medical Nutrition Therapy are allowed for the year?" To obtain an estimate of insurance coverage for this service you may also contact the BayCare Central Pricing office at 813-852-3116.