Gynecological Services

Physicians at South Florida Baptist Hospital provide a full range of gynecological services for women of all ages.

They offer professional and individualized care for a range of gynecological conditions, including:

  • Endometriosis
  • Cervical and uterine cancer
  • Fibroid tumors
  • Pelvic  and uterine prolapse
  • Menorrhagia or excessive bleeding


Routine screenings and exams play a vital role in diagnosing gynecological conditions and early detection of cancer.

In addition to offering standard exams such as X-rays, MRIs and ultrasound imaging, the physicians at South Florida Baptist Hospital offer the following diagnostic tests:

  • Cystoscopy
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy
  • Endometrial biopsy

Noninvasive Therapies 

Patients seeking more conservative treatments for pelvic pain, incontinence and other pelvic floor issues can learn about noninvasive therapies and rehabilitation through BayCare’s Pelvic Health and Wellness program. Ask your physician about a referral to one of our specialists or one of our rehabilitation centers. You can also take our free, downloadable and printable Minute Quiz as the first step in improving your pelvic health.

Gynecological Cancer Care

Patients diagnosed with gynecological cancer, including ovarian and uterine tumors, receive care from our staff of oncologists and general surgeons, close to home. South Florida Baptist Hospital has an Infusion Center on the third floor, for chemotherapy treatments in a warm, convenient location.

In addition to chemotherapy, surgeons at South Florida Baptist also offer a comprehensive range of minimally invasive (robotic surgery) and traditional open surgeries.

Gynecological Surgery

When medication and noninvasive procedures are unable to relieve symptoms, surgery remains the accepted and most effective treatment for a range of gynecologic conditions. South Florida Baptist Hospital is home to the Pete Beaty Surgical Center, a 31,000 sq. ft. technologically advanced facility designed to deliver quality, personalized medical care in a comfortable, caring atmosphere. The center is located on the southeast corner of the hospital, easily accessible via the first floor entrance and close to the hospital's laboratory, radiology, intensive care unit and emergency department.  The Pete Beaty Surgical Center features larger operating rooms to accommodate current high-tech equipment and spacious recovery rooms to create a more pleasant environment for patients.

South Florida Baptist Hospital also specializes in minimally invasive and robotic gynecological procedures.

Robotic Surgery

Surgeons at South Florida Baptist Hospital offer some gynecological procedures using a minimally invasive approach. The da Vinci® Surgical System is an alternative to conventional minimally invasive surgery, allowing surgeons to perform complex and delicate procedures with unmatched precision.

Benefits to patients include less pain, a faster recovery, shorter hospital stay, less risk of infection and a smaller scar. Surgeons also benefit from robotic surgery by gaining a high-resolution visual field, enhanced dexterity and better access to surgical sites.

Learn more about gynecological services at BayCare.