Urology Services

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital in New Port Richey, Florida, is your local connection to convenient, expert urological care. From your initial consultation to follow-up care, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with the best experience, and the best outcome, possible.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer a full range of testing procedures to diagnose conditions such as urinary incontinence and bladder voiding dysfunction:

  • Urodynamic evaluation – used to diagnose urinary incontinence, involves three tests:
    • Uroflowmetry rate – measures force of the urine as you urinate
    • Cystometrogram – measures pelvic muscle activity during urination
    • Urethral pressure profile – measures pressure inside the urethra
  • Cystometric study – measures amount of fluid in the bladder when you first feel the need to urinate; used to diagnose bladder voiding dysfunction

Noninvasive Therapies

Female patients seeking more conservative treatments for incontinence and other pelvic floor issues can learn about noninvasive therapies and rehabilitation through BayCare’s Pelvic Health and Wellness program. Ask your physician about a referral to one of our specialists  or one of our rehabilitation centers. You can also take our free, downloadable and printable Minute Quiz as the first step in improving your pelvic health.

Urological Surgery

We treat a wide spectrum of urological conditions at our state-of-the-art surgical facility, from prostate cancer to kidney stones to urinary incontinence. Both inpatient and outpatient urological procedures are available at our innovative surgery center that features cutting-edge technology and six new operating suites:

  • Incontinence surgery – surgery to lift the bladder to treat bladder prolapse or urethral prolapse
  • Partial and complete nephrectomy – removal of part or all of a diseased kidney; can be performed laparoscopically (minimally invasively)
  • Kidney stone removal  – surgical stone removal is available, though Morton Plant North Bay also offers lithotripsy and percutaneous lithotripsy, which are nonsurgical procedures that break up kidney stones using shock waves and ultrasound waves, respectively
  • Prostatectomy – removal of the prostate gland; can be performed laparoscopically

We make your surgical experience seamless, from start to finish, by offering online preregistration, an experienced preadmission nursing team available to answer all of your questions, and amenities for loved ones during and after your surgery.

For more information about urological services offered at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital or for a physician referral, call (727) 462-7500. You can also find a urologist near you.

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