Our comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation program features highly skilled physical therapists and athletic trainers, using specialized therapeutic exercise equipment.

We designed our program to help patients achieve the highest level of function possible following orthopedic surgery or musculoskeletal injury. We are one of the only centers to employ research-based treatment protocols for each patient, and we give our patients the time and personalized care needed to achieve a full recovery.

Our clinicians specialize in providing manual therapy programs, exercises and often use therapeutic modalities that employ electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, ultrasound and lasers.

Occupational Therapy for Hand Patients

Occupational therapy for the treatment of upper extreme conditions are performed by one of our certified hand therapists. They specialize in the treatment and fabrication of static and dynamic splints for a wide variety of hand and upper extremity injuries, such as fractures, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and complex tendon lacerations.

We also provide:

  • Physical therapy for a comprehensive range of conditions resulting from injuries sustained at home, at work or during sports activities
  • An innovative core stabilization program and “back school” that help patients control back pain and gain greater movement and strength.
  • A therapeutic approach that evaluates muscle imbalances and provides simple exercises to help reduce or eliminate pain due to spine or shoulder injuries
  • A dynamic evaluation of your golf swing, pinpointing areas of swing imbalance that can be improved

Athlete Rehabilitation

Additionally, our certified and licensed athletic trainers address the needs of professional, weekend and young athletes with injuries ranging from ankle sprains to rotator cuff tears and spine and neck injuries. Our staff helps these athletes return to their highest level of performance through a combination of treatment, education and sport-specific training programs.

To learn more about our orthopedic services, please call (727) 842-8468.