Lung and Respiratory Care in Clearwater, FL

For patients with lung disease, every breath can be a struggle. At Morton Plant Hospital, we want to ensure that getting the appropriate medical care is easy. Our centralized pulmonary rehabilitation department in Clearwater provides prompt and convenient assistance, saving patients' critical time when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. 


Low-dose CT screening for lung cancer provides a detailed view of your chest and lungs. CT scans, or Computerized Tomography, is recognized as beneficial for high-risk patients who need to have their lungs and chest closely examined but have been unable to endure anesthesia or risk surgery to get a look inside.

To understand how CT scans works, think about getting a look at the individual slices of bread in a loaf, without having to damage the wrapping. Once your doctor gets to see the individual slices, they can magnify certain sections as well as combine sections, change views and just basically get much more information than from ordinary x-rays.

Screening Criteria

  • Ages 50-77 (up to 80 for managed care)
  • Asymptomatic (no signs or symptoms of lung cancer)
  • Current smokers or those who have quit smoking with the last 15 years
  • Tobacco smoking history of at least 20 pack years. Example: One pack per day for 20 years = 20 pack years; two packs per day for 10 years = 20 pack years
  • Many insurance providers require you to have a doctor consultation before having this screening.
  • This screening requires a doctor’s prescription.

Talk to your doctor today about this important screening.

Lung Nodule Clinic

According to the National Cancer Institute, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States, primarily because it often goes undetected until it has spread to other organs.

The lung nodule clinic is made up of a team of medical experts, who work together to identify possible lung cancers early to quickly get patients the care they need.

Request a Physician Referral

  • What are the benefits of a lung nodule clinic?
    Early detection and action are key with most medical conditions. The lung nodule clinic helps make the process of obtaining a diagnosis and starting treatment smooth and quick. Our dedicated nurse navigator also helps answer questions and coordinate care throughout the journey.
  • Who is eligible?
    After a patient has a low-dose CT lung screening, the nurse navigator identifies any high-risk results and contacts the patient’s primary care doctor for permission to bring the case before the team.
  • Who is on the team?
    The team includes pulmonologists (lung specialists), radiologists, thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, the nurse navigator and the Cancer Patient Support Services team. By reviewing cases as a team, this helps streamline the process of obtaining a tissue diagnosis and starting treatment.
  • What does the nurse navigator do?
    The nurse navigator is your partner throughout the process. This person helps coordinate care and schedule follow-up screenings and appointments.
  • How do I get enrolled?
    Talk to your primary care doctor and have them call (727) 461-8526 for more information.

Physician Perspective

We created the lung nodule clinic to meet the need we see in our community and the general population.
Dr. Joseph R.

Patient Success Story

I went from being a lung cancer patient to being cancer free in a matter of weeks.
Karen R.

Nurse Navigator

The benefit of the lung clinic to a patient is that they see a physician specialist quickly.
Debbie E.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

If you suffer from a chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis or asthma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), or restrictive lung disease, the experienced pulmonary rehabilitation professionals at Morton Plant Hospital can help you learn to relax and breathe a bit easier. 

A multidisciplinary team will work with you to improve your breathing patterns to decrease your shortness of breath and develop an exercise program that will:

  • Renew your strength
  • Increase your independence
  • Help you achieve your maximum potential

The process begins with a comprehensive pre-program evaluation and exercise testing. All program components – education, exercise and breathing retraining – are individualized for each patient.

In small group sessions, our team will teach you how to safely integrate aerobic, strength and conditioning, and relaxation exercises into your daily life while carefully monitoring your vital signs. We will coordinate care with your physician and other members of your health care team and will provide them with periodic progress reports and a post program summary.

We understand your emotional needs as you learn to live with pulmonary disease. Our pulmonary rehabilitation program is prepared to provide both you and your family with practical and compassionate support.


The more knowledgeable you are about your health, the better able you will be to manage your condition and enjoy daily activities. Our pulmonary rehabilitation program offers educational sessions that cover a wide variety of topics: from lung function, proper nutrition and stress management to respiratory medications and equipment including oxygen delivery devices.

We teach you breathing retraining, how to use MDI medication with a spacer or how to conserve your energy and simplify daily activities. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to feel less anxious about your condition and more in control of your life.

For more information on pulmonary rehabilitation at Morton Plant Hospital, call (727) 462-7111.