Medical professional analyzing a brain scan.

The Neurosciences Institute at Morton Plant Hospital

The Neurosciences Institute at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida combines the advanced medical specialties of neurology and neurosurgery to create a strong medical advantage in the treatment of brain, spinal cord, nervous disorders and stroke. As the first program of its kind in our community, The Neuroscience Institute leads the way in high-quality, neuroscience care.

What We Treat:

Our Specialty Clinics

As a comprehensive program, The Neuroscience Institute also offers a variety of clinics to help patients resume daily activities and pursue an active lifestyle.

  • Movement Disorders Clinic

    The Movement Disorders Clinic offers therapeutic drug and surgical therapies for movement disorders, including Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia, and other neurological or movement disorders. 

    Learn what makes our Movement Disorders Clinic unique.

  • Memory Disorders Clinic

    The Madonna Ptak Center for Alzheimer's and Memory Loss provides comprehensive care to patients with Alzheimer's and other memory loss disorders.

    Learn how the Memory Disorders Clinic helps patients and caregivers. 

  • Balance Clinic

    The Balance Clinic at The Neurosciences Institute has successfully treated thousands of patients with a wide range of dizziness and balance disorders.

    Learn how the Balance Clinic treats a wide range of balance disorders. 

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