Behavioral Health Services in Clearwater, Florida

Help Is Available

The community's first choice for quality mental health and substance abuse help is BayCare Behavioral Health. For more than 20 years, we have provided inpatient treatment to those suffering from a personal crisis or mental illness that requires treatment in a structured, supervised setting.

Inpatient Unit

Specifically designed for adults 18 years and older experiencing a crisis due to emotional or psychiatric problems, our Inpatient treatment programs include:

  • Individual and group sessions
  • Activity therapy
  • Medication therapy
  • Social work services

Each program is customized to fit a patient's individual needs while helping to restore his or her ability to function as independently as possible. A qualified team of professionals, led by a psychiatrist, assists patients in the treatment process.

Learn more about behavioral health services at BayCare.

For more information about our inpatient programs, call our 24-hour intake line at (727) 462-3911. You can also call (877) 850-9613 for a physician referral or find a doctor at Morton Plant Hospital.