Chaplain Services

What is a Chaplain?

At Morton Plant Mease, our professional chaplains offer spiritual care to all who are in need and have specialized education to mobilize spiritual resources so that patients cope more effectively. They maintain confidentiality and provide a supportive context within which patients can discuss their concerns. They are professionally accountable to their religious faith group, their certifying chaplaincy organization, and Morton Plant Mease Health Care. Our professional staff chaplains and their certifying organizations demonstrate a deep commitment and sensitivity to the diverse ethnic and religious cultures found in North America.


What do Chaplains do?

Chaplains provide ministry to patients and families in a variety of situations. In the chaotic events of the emergency room, in the tense hours of the waiting room, in the struggle of recovery from accident or illness, in the celebration of the birth of a child, in the rejoicing over good news from a test or procedure, in the anxiety of impending surgery, and in the moments of grief and loss, the Chaplain is there to offer support and compassion. The Chaplain seeks to connect people to resources of faith and spirituality as they face life and death issues. Through the use of both process and presence, the Chaplain offers comfort, strength and hope.


When to Call a Chaplain:

  • When you desire prayer or spiritual counsel
  • When you or your family desire religious rituals or sacraments
  • When you desire a better understanding of your relationship with God, or a need for spiritual guidance and direction
  • When you desire spiritual support as you undergo medical or surgical treatment
  • When you are wrestling with religious issues, such as unresolved grief, lack of faith, inability to pray, a sense of being, abandoned by God, or experience loss of hope or meaning of life
  • When you need information about community religious congregations
  • Any time you or someone you care about need support encouragement or someone to listen.

How to Request a Chaplain Visit

A Chaplain is available in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients may reach a chaplain by:

  • Choose a chaplain office by hospital
  • Ask your nurse to page the chaplain on call or to enter a consult order requesting a chaplain visit
  • Call the hospital operator by dialing "O" and ask for the chaplain on call
  • Please send us an e-mail, and we will arrange for a chaplain to visit you or your loved one.
Why Our Morton Plant Mease Chaplains Are Important and How They Connect with Patients and Family

This video was developed to inform our patients on our chaplaincy program in our Morton Plant Mease Hospitals.