Diagnosis and Treatment

Our team looks at each patient’s medical history as well as the results of a physical examination to determine the most likely cause of back pain and to recommend treatment. If a patient’s symptoms or a physical exam suggest the possibility of infection, malignancy or a pinched nerve, additional imaging tests are conducted.

Many patients with mechanical back pain are treated with rest, pain medication and a supervised therapy program. Most patients respond rapidly and experience very little pain after just a few weeks, while some patients may require several months of treatment. 

Surgical treatments are recommended for patients whose symptoms are associated with a major disorder such as a herniated (ruptured) disc and spinal stenosis (abnormal constriction or narrowing). Both of these conditions may compress or pinch nerves and cause leg pain and/or lower back pain. Patients with a herniated disc most often experience pain when sitting, while patients with stenosis experience pain in their buttocks and legs while standing. Whenever possible, Mease Countryside's surgical team uses minimally invasive techniques that treat or correct the condition while simultaneously speeding recovery time and reducing post-operative pain.

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