Financial Questions

Will my health insurance cover all costs associated with my child's birth?

Health insurance plans and medical needs vary, so you may be expected to pay a portion of the bill. Since hospital charges not covered by your insurance must be paid before you go home; please make financial arrangements before you deliver. Call your health insurance company a few months in advance, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Will I have to pay a portion before I come in for labor?

Based on your insurance benefits, when you are admitted to the hospital you will be required to pay deductibles or co-payment amounts. Please review your policy or contact your insurance company to determine the amount. When you arrive at the hospital, the registrar will request payment and provide a receipt. We accept the following credit cards for payment of deductibles, co-insurance and any balance after your insurance payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

For more information contact your insurance company and/or a Morton Plant Mease financial counselor. For financial counseling or information, call (727) 725-6011.

What if I belong to an HMO?

If you belong to an HMO, you may be required to get authorization from your primary care physician before coverage will be provided. As of October 1, 2000, HMOs are required to be more timely in approving or denying services, and more prompt in paying their bills. If your HMO refuses to authorize and/or denies coverage for the service you received, payment of the entire bill may be your responsibility. If you have question about billing, contact Customer Service Business Office at (727) 725-6680.

What are Mease Countryside's billing procedures?

As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance company for you. We will need your help to ensure your bill is paid in a timely manner.

  • We will update your insurance information at each visit to avoid rejections or long delays in payments. For this reason, we will need to copy your insurance card(s).
  • We will try to verify your coverage with your insurance company, although this is not always possible.
  • Normally, your insurance company will be billed within five days of the time service is provided.
  • Your insurance company will not automatically add your baby to your medical policy. Most allow you 30 days from the date of birth to contact them with the addition(s). It is always best to contact your insurance company as quickly as possible after your baby's birth.
  • If your insurance company requests information from you, please provide it right away. This will help make sure that your hospital charges are paid in a timely manner.
  • If no payment is received within 45 days, you will receive a reminder. We suggest that you contact your insurance company directly to resolve any payment issues.

Are there other bills I may receive?

Other health care providers may be involved in your care. Because they are separate from the hospital, you may want to check with your insurance company to verify if a certain provider is a member of your plan. These providers include pathologist, anesthesiologist, radiologist, cardiologist, emergency room physician, neonatologist, perinatologist, and pediatrician.

What if I don't have health insurance?

To assist you, Mease Countryside offers two options. The first is a flexible pre-payment program. For details, contact a financial counselor at least three months prior to your due date. For those who have demonstrated financial need and meet eligibility criteria, we can help you obtain outside assistance through our Medical Assistance Program. Call (727) 725-6303.

Flat rate program

For our patients who have no health care insurance, a flat rate maternity program has been established. The flat rate is required to be paid in full by delivery date. The flat rate does not include physician fees or anesthesia and will become null and void in the event that the mother and/or baby needs additional services above and beyond normal delivery fees. To discuss the flat rate program, call (727) 725-6359.