Birth Day

The birth of your child will be a very special day in your life. At Mease Countryside Hospital, we understand how precious this day is to you and our goal is to make it as safe, memorable and joyful as possible.

Labor and Delivery

Our private Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) rooms were designed with a woman's touch. Soft, soothing colors create a warm and calming atmosphere where you can be comfortable throughout your labor and recovery period. Here you will also find all the technical support needed for a safe birth including the latest in obstetrical technology such as fetal monitoring and a modern birthing bed specifically equipped to ease the process of giving birth.

In addition, our LDR rooms feature:

  • Sleep chair for labor partner
  • Television
  • Private bathroom with shower

Pain Management/Water Birth

Anesthesia/Pain Management/Epidural

Anesthesia and pain control options are available. Our nursing staff can discuss these options with you and help you decide which will provide the outcome you desire during your labor. Anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists are always available.

Water Birth

Water birth is a wonderful choice for those seeking a natural, non-medicated birth. Warm water emersion has been clinically shown to decrease pain and increase confidence and ease of movement during labor. Studies indicate that there is no increase in risk to either mom or baby during a water birth.

Family Suites

We take pride in being a family-friendly facility. A few hours after birth, you and your baby will be moved to one of our spacious family suites. These warm, comfortable and quiet rooms provide just the right atmosphere for you to continue the bonding process and to simply enjoy each other's company. Being close to mom makes it easier for a newborn to get used to life outside the womb, has a positive effect on a baby's brain development, and helps regulate a baby's body rhythms. Nurseries are also available at any time you need some extra rest.

Some features of our luxurious family suites include:

  • 24-hour stay allowed for one responsible person of mother's choice with every effort made for comfortable sleeping accommodations, such as a sleep chair
  • Wireless Internet for those who bring their own laptop computer
  • Infant security system
  • Television with DVD/CD player in post-partum rooms
  • Room service for meals for mom with one free meal for support person
  • Private showers
  • Specially trained "mother-baby" nurses
  • Lactation support
  • Sitting area with television for guests
  • Convenient access to cafeteria and gift shop