Our Sisters

Our Sisters

Sister Pat Shirley, OSF
Vice President
Mission and Pastoral Care

Sister Mary Arghittu, OSF
Board of Directors
SJBH and BayCare-CHE

Sister Catherine Cahill, OSF
Board of Directors
SJH Foundation and SJCH

Sister Mary McNally, OSF
Board of Directors

Sister Maria dos Santos, OSF
Mission Liaison
Mission Integration

Sister Odette Haddad, OSF
Social Worker III
St. Joseph's Women's Hospital

Sister Pat Tyre, OSF
Clinical Nurse II-Surgery
St. Joseph's Hospital

Sister Miriam Vargas, OSF
Patient Care Technician
St. Joseph's Hospital

Franciscan Sisters/Volunteers
(From left to right)
Sister Elizabeth Moore, OSF, Sister Barbara Martens, OSF, Sister Thomas Rose Redling, OSF, Sister Mary Belair, OSF and Sister Eva DiCamillo, OSF

For more information, please call the Chaplain’s Office at (813) 870-4258.