BayCare Back-to-School Safely Program

The Back-to-School Program is ideal for school systems that are seeking guidance as they navigate how to ensure the safety of kids and staff during COVID-19. Returning to school in-person requires the implementation of several procedures that are customized to your daily operations and organizational structure. That is where BayCare comes in. Our team of clinical experts will perform an assessment of your environment that will consist of a walk-through of your school and meetings with staff leaders to understand your school’s unique needs.

Following this assessment, our team will aid in the development and production of policies and procedures that meet the most updated CDC guidelines such as:

  • How to develop and implement proper social distancing practices
  • How to properly wear and care for masks
  • How to handle kids and/or staff showing symptoms of COVID-19 and the use of temperature checks and testing
  • How to accommodate students with disabilities
  • How to properly clean and disinfect
  • Educational materials and resources for teachers, parents, and kids

In addition, we will follow up our audit with a check-list of recommendations, as well as any other suggested details and documentation.

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Back-to-school supplies on a table, including notebooks, pencils, a pen, magnifying glass and push pins.

Back to School

Going back to school may look different this year. Whether a child goes to school in person or learns at home, we want to help kids and their families stay healthy, physically and mentally. Our back to school resources offer parents information to help get kids back to learning.