Registered Nurse Residency Program

BayCare’s one-year registered nurse (RN) residency program is designed to increase the confidence and competence of newly graduated registered nurses and develop their foundational knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to ensure clinical excellence. The program content aligns with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations and Quality and Festy Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies.

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  • About the Program

    The RN Residency is a 12-month program that is available at 16-community based BayCare hospitals throughout Central Florida. The units included in the RN Residency are Orthopedics, Neurology, Telemetry, Cardiac, Renal/GI, Medical Oncology, Pulmonary, Post Surgical, Progressive Care (PCU), and General Med/Surg. The RN residency has start dates twice a month. 

    BayCare offers a Graduate Nurse (GN) option to start prior to taking your NCLEX. To qualify, you need an NCLEX sit pass letter from the Florida Board of Nursing and schedule your NCLEX within 90 days. After passing your NCLEX, you would transition to the Clinical Nurse Resident role.

  • Program Benefits

    The RN Residency is designed to help new nurses transition from a student to a practicing nurse. The residency will help a new nurse:

    • Improve patient safety and the quality of care
    • Build decision making skills
    • Develop clinical leadership
    • Reduce burnout and turnover
    • Increase clinical competencies
    • Higher level of patient level care
    • Achieve independent best-practice skills
    • Opportunities for continuing education and professional advancement
  • Specialty Internships

    BayCare offers specialty internship for the following areas:

    • Critical Care (January, April, July, and October start dates)
    • Emergency Room (January, April, July, and October start dates)
    • Labor and Delivery (April and October start date)
    • NICU (February and July start dates)
    • Mother/Baby (February, July, and September start dates)
    • Pediatric Critical Care (January and July start dates)
    • Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care (January and July start dates)
    • Operating Room (March start date)

    Job postings for specialty internships are posted the first of the months, three months prior to their start date. Specialty internships are on an as-needed basis.

    Applicants hired into a specialty internship are required to attend four weeks of didactic training during the program.

    Nurses will collaborate with a preceptor for a minimum of 16 weeks with progress check-ins throughout to ensure a successful transition into acute hospital patient care.
  • Career Development

    In the nursing field, advancement is possible at any level. After obtaining a nursing license and acquiring the necessary skills and training, there are a variety of roles and options to consider. Below are examples of the various nursing positions. Most of these positions call for continuing education by obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree in nursing or nurse specialty certifications, serving as an expert resource, or acquiring managerial/leadership skills.

    • Specialty Internships
    • Clinical Nurse Educator
    • Charge Nurse
    • Assistant Nurse Manager
    • Patient Care Leader
    • Advanced Patient Care Leader
    • Nurse Manager
    • Advanced Practice RN (APRN)
    • Clinical Nurse Research

Frequently Asked Questions – Registered Nurse Residency

  • When should I apply?
    We recommend applying three to four months prior to graduation.
  • How do I apply to the RN residency?

    The RN residency program accepts applications year-round. Click here to search jobs and enter the keyword “RN Residency” to apply to the current posting. 

    If you are a current team member, navigate to the internal job board on the Intranet and go to Employee Space > Opportunities and enter the keyword "RN Residency" to apply to the current posting. 

  • Do I need to be licensed to start the program?

    No, you can start the program unlicensed as a GN or wait until you’re licensed to start as a CNR.
  • How often does BayCare offer the residency program?
    The residency program is offered year-round with program start dates every other week.
  • Does the RN Residency program require a contract?

    No, the BayCare RN Residency does not require a contract.

  • Will I rotate during the residency?
    No. When offered an RN position, you will be offered a specific floor, shift, and hospital.
  • What if I don't feel ready after the 10 weeks of preceptorship?

    If needed, orientation can be extended, but most often you are ready after 10 weeks.

  • Can I work part time or PRN in the residency program?
    No, the residency program is only offered full-time.

Frequently Asked Questions – Specialty Internships

  • Will I be required to sign a contract?

    Yes, you will be required to sign an hours-based work agreement.
  • Who can apply for the internship?

    Specialty internships are open to both new graduates and experienced RNs.
  • Can I apply for an internship before I graduate?
    Yes, but you must be licensed prior to the start of the program.
  • How often are internship programs offered?
    Internships are offered at various times of the year on an as needed basis.
  • How do I apply to a specialty internship?

    Specialty Internships are posted the first of the month, three months prior to the program start date. Click here to search jobs and enter the keyword “Internship” apply to a current posting. 

    If you are a current team member, navigate to Employee Space, opportunities and enter the keyword “Internship” for our current posting. If no posting is listed, the internship is not currently accepting applications.

  • What happens if I cannot become licensed in time?
    If you cannot become licensed in time, you may be pushed to the next program or asked to reapply for the next program start date.
  • Do I need to get any certifications such as ACLS or PALS prior to starting the program?
    No, certifications are included in the program.