St. Joseph's Child Care Center

St. Joseph's Child Care Center

We provide quality child care for team members' children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Our Center is a warm, nurturing environment where your child will discover friendships and sharing while developing a positive self image. Our programs, staff and philosophy make St. Joseph’s Hospital Child Care Center  uniquely qualified to help support you as you raise your child.

Care for Your Child’s Formative Years

Early experiences are vital to your child’s growth and development. Early childhood experts agree that personality, identity and language are largely formed by the time your child is 6 years old. We offer an enriching, age-appropriate curriculum in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. Our skilled, trained teachers inspire imagination and a natural love of learning while allowing your child’s physical, social, emotional and mental development to progress smoothly and naturally.

Tuition Schedule Weekly rates shown below
Annual Registration Fee: $75; Due at initial enrollment, continues annually on October 1. Full Time Part Time Drop In
Team Member $218 N/A N/A
Affiliate $226 N/A N/A
Team Member $212 N/A N/A
Affiliate $218 N/A N/A
Team Member $173 $138 $60
Affiliate $180 $144 $65
Threes and Fours
Team Member $167 $134 $60
Affiliate $173 $138 $65

Families with two or more children enrolled full time will receive a $5 weekly discount in the oldest child's tuition.

*Part time is offered Monday - Friday *Drop In for daily care (Monday-Friday)
3 days/8 hour shifts 1 day/8 or 12 hour shift
2 days/12 hour shifts Based on availability

Team Members and Affiliates: 6am-8pm

Team Member  is any employee of St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, St. Joseph's Women's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital-North, St. Joseph's Home Health department, Diagnostic Center or St. Joseph's Same Day Surgery Center, who also lives in the same household as the enrolled child.

An Affiliate is an employee of HealthPoint Management, South Florida Baptist Hospital, John Knox Village or team members of St. Anthony's Hospital or Morton Plant Mease Health Care who also live in the same household as the enrolled child.

After 8pm, a late pick-up fee of $2 per minute/per child will be charged automatically to your account. All late pick-up fees are due the following day prior to dropping your child off at the center.

St. Joseph's Hospital Child Care Center:
3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 
(813) 870-4182
Monday-Friday, 6am-8pm

Managed by: TodayCare Children’s Centers
Sandy Mushinsky, Director
Tracey Frank, Assistant Director