2022 Cardiovascular Outcomes Book

Graphic outline of the heart promoting the 2022 Cardiovascular and Surgical Outcomes for BayCare

Physicians and staff of the BayCare Cardiovascular Service Line are pleased to present the annual clinical outcomes for 2022.

These outstanding clinical results for patients within BayCare are a direct result of dedicated teams of caregivers who were able to continue to provide extraordinary care.

Download the 2022 Cardiovascular Outcomes Booklet

Our cardiovascular service line is structured to allow multidisciplinary teams to manage the vast range of cardiovascular disease conditions while using the latest technology to address cardiovascular disease at every level and rigorously benchmarking our progress against various national cardiovascular registry metrics. The following pages will highlight volume and select clinical outcomes within BayCare. We hope you can utilize the information in this outcomes book to help with patient care and treatment decisions.