BayCare: An Economic Engine

BayCare is a powerful economic engine with an annual $10 billion economic impact in Florida, a 17 percent increase from 2020. This economic impact makes BayCare a leading contributor of economic activity and overall employment and household income for the state.

Hospital Operations

Hospital operations fuel most of BayCare's annual economic impact, totaling $7.8 billion.

$125 million
Bartow Regional Medical Center
$46 million
BayCare Alliant Hospital
$843 million
Mease Countryside Hospital
$265 million
Mease Dunedin Hospital
$1.6 billion
Morton Plant Hospital
$245 million
Morton Plant North Bay Hospital
$965 million
St. Anthony's Hospital
$1.4 billion
St. Joseph's Hospitals (including St. Joseph's Children's & Women's hospitals)
$315 million
St. Joseph's Hospital-North
$436 million
St. Joseph's Hospital-South
$238 million
South Florida Baptist Hospital
$633 million
Winter Haven Hospital (including Winter Haven Women's Hospital)


Hospitals: $7.8 billion

BayCare Medical Group: $757 million

Ambulatory Services: $717 million

Patient Care and Support Services: $584 million

BayCare Behavioral Health: $127 million

Planned Capital (Facilities and Equipment)

$6 billion