Testing Options

The Sleep Centers at BayCare offer in-center and home sleep testing. Your physician will help you decide the best testing option. If you have a sleep study in the sleep center, we can diagnose most types of sleep disorders. During in-center testing, electrodes are attached to monitor brain waves, heart rhythm, breathing, respiratory effort, oxygen levels and muscle activity. You are tested in a hotel-like environment and a sleep technologist attends the study throughout the night to monitor for sleep disorders, intervene with treatment when appropriate and prepares the data for the physician to review.

Home sleep testing (HST) is approved to diagnose sleep apnea, but it is not validated to diagnose other sleep disorders. If you are approved for HST, you will be able to come to the most convenient sleep center to pick up the equipment. During pickup, a sleep technologist will teach you how to use the device. After performing the sleep study in your home, you will return the device to the sleep center for download and analysis.

Certain patients can also have the HST device delivered to their home. Instructions on the use of the equipment is included with the device and also available on our website at this link. Call us today at (727) 734-6716 (option 3) to see if you qualify for home delivery of your sleep test.