Patient Instructions

For your convenience, you may access patient instructions and information for your sleep study.

Home Sleep Testing Services

Patients can elect to have their home sleep testing device delivered to their home through U.S. Postal Service or patients can pick up the home sleep test device at a sleep center or participating BayCare hospital. Home sleep testing offers convenience, but it can only be used to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. Home sleep testing shouldn’t be used if a sleep disorder other than sleep apnea is suspected or if you have certain medical conditions. Home sleep testing is also not recommended for children. To have the home sleep test device sent to you, download this form, complete and return to us via email or fax to (727) 725-6962. After we receive the form, we’ll ship the device to your home. If you’re scheduled to receive the device at home, you need to complete the included paperwork and return all forms with the device.

In-Center Sleep Testing Services

A sleep study in a sleep center is the gold standard for diagnosing certain sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, parasomnias and periodic limb movement disorder. In-center testing is more comprehensive and is administered by a certified sleep technologist. The technologist places sensors on your body to monitor your brain waves, breathing, heart rate, muscle activity, nasal/oral breathing, respiratory effort and oxygen levels. While sleeping, you’ll also have audiovisual monitoring. There are over 100 recognized sleep disorders and having the sleep test in a sleep center lets us get a complete snapshot of your sleep. After scheduling your sleep study, the team will give you information on travel, expectations and what to bring.

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