Book a Free 30-minute Functional Movement Screen

BayCare offers a free 30-minute functional movement screen (FMS) to anyone who wants to assess their untapped motion potential. To register, complete the form and indicate your preferred location and appointment time. A certified FMS provider will call you to confirm a date and time for your free movement screen.

The FMS is a tool used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns in people who don’t have a current pain complaint or musculoskeletal injury. The FMS examination helps identify problems that may be overlooked during traditional medical and performance evaluations.

Who Benefits:

  • Athletes from high school, collegiate, professional and club sports
  • Weekend warriors
  • Individuals looking to return to exercise/sports after injury
  • Individuals looking to participate in CrossFit activities
  • Industrial athletes such as firefighters, police officers and military personnel

What to Expect

One you register, you'll get a call from one of our certified FMS providers to finalize your appointment location, date and time. Before your screen, we suggest writing down a few questions and concerns you’d like to discuss with our therapist. Please arrive five minutes before your appointment to make sure your screen will start on time.

If we find problems in your movement patterns during your screen, we’ll recommend specific exercises for those problems. These exercises will be based on your individual needs and long-term goals, and will generally be a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises.

If needed, more information about BayCare physicians, nutritionists, fitness trainers and more will be offered as possible follow up to anyone who needs more help.

Introduction to the Functional Movement Screen
This screening is designed for athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness-minded individuals.

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