Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Making the decision to undergo weight loss surgery is an important first step in attaining your long-term goals for health and wellness. Preparing for surgery, however, is just as important as the surgery itself and may even help to improve your outcome. At BayCare, we offer a variety of resources to help our patients throughout the Tampa Bay area prepare for their bariatric procedures. Be sure to follow the preoperative guidelines given to you by your surgeon and stay in close communication with your doctor and the BayCare Bariatric Program team before and after the procedure.

You can also prepare yourself for weight loss surgery by:

  • Knowing the risks – A bariatric procedure, like any surgery, carries risks as well as benefits, even if you choose to undergo a minimally invasive form of weight loss surgery. Infection, nerve damage, bleeding, cardiovascular complications, and adverse reactions to anesthesia are all potential risks. Patients should also be aware that ulcers, vitamin deficiencies, and dumping syndrome may develop in the weeks and months following their weight loss procedure.
  • Having realistic expectations – Your body will need time to heal and recuperate after surgery. You will also need to adhere to nutritional and dietary recommendations as your digestive system slowly acclimates.
  • Staying disciplined – It is imperative that patients stay disciplined during the postsurgical recovery process by adhering to their nutritional guidelines, staying active, and taking all prescribed supplements. At BayCare, our weight loss surgery patients consult with our specially trained bariatric fitness specialists, registered dieticians, and counselors.
  • Organizing a support system – Prior to surgery, patients should organize a support system that they can rely on in the days and weeks following weight loss surgery. Whether you need someone to walk your dog or help you with some light gardening as you recover, or you would simply like the emotional support of a friend or neighbor, having a support system can keep you positive, focused, and motivated. The BayCare weight loss surgery program offers four in-person support groups around the Tampa Bay area every month.

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