After Discharge

Going home with a newborn can be an exciting and stressful time. BayCare offers a wide variety of online handouts that can make taking your newborn home easier. 

Newborn Feeding Educational Handouts

New Mom’s Choosing to Breastfeed:

Your Guide to Breastfeeding Booklet       

New Mom’s Choosing to Breastfeed: 

Nutrition for Breastfeeding Mothers Brochure (English) (Spanish)

Breastfeeding Diary (English) (Spanish)

Tips for Flying with Breast Milk (English) (Spanish)

New Mom’s Choosing to Formula Feed:

Formula Preparation and Use (English) (Spanish)

Formula Feeding Diary (English) (Spanish)

New Mom’s Choosing to Supplement:

Deciding How to Feed Your Baby (English) (Spanish)

Understanding the Late Preterm Infant 
(Front side is English & Back side is Spanish)

Triple Feeding Handout                                            
(Front side is English & Back side is Spanish)

Triple Feeding Log (English) (Spanish)

Breast Engorgement:



Abundant Milk Supply and Fast Letdown:



NICU Educational Handouts

Breast Pumping and Storage Guidelines (English) (Spanish)

Oral Care with Colostrum (Human Milk) (English) (Spanish)

Donor Human Milk (English) (Spanish)