T-Cell Gene Rearrangement

T-Cell Gene Rearrangement

Test name:
T-cell receptor gene rearrangement, PCR, cell-based

Order name:

Specimen requirements:
EDTA peripheral blood and bone marrow, fresh tissue in RPMI, Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE)

Minimum volume: 
0.5 mL peripheral blood or bone marrow
FFPE: 5-10 10µm thick curls submitted in a clean cup along with stained H & E of same block) If tumor percentage is less than 10% of total nuclei, macrodissection is required, send 5-10 10µm thick unstained slides with stained H&E of same block.

Storage and stability information:
Blood and bone marrow (Room temperature, 1 week), fresh tissue (refrigerated, 1 week), FFPE (room temperature)

Test performed:
Once per week

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Capillary Electrophoresis

Reference range:
No clonal population detected

Clinical significance:
This test is used to aid in the diagnosis of T-cell malignancies, to determine lineage of leukemias and lymphomas for prognosis and treatment selection, and to detect minimal residual disease or recurrent disease.

CPT codes:
81340, 81342