Bordetella Pertussis-Parapertussis

Bordetella Pertussis-Parapertussis

Test name:
Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis PCR

Order name:

Specimen requirements:
Nasopharyngeal swab or nasal wash

Minimum volume:
1 Nasopharyngeal swab, red or blue top

Storage and stability information:
Room temperature, 1 day  Refrigerated, 5 days

Test performed:

Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Reference range:
Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis not detected

Clinical significance:
B. pertussis is the causative agent of whooping cough, while B. parapertussis can cause non-specific bronchitis. While the presence of Bordetella pertussis DNA suggests active infection, the results should be used in conjunction with clinical presentation, patient history and other diagnostic tests.

CPT codes:
87798 x2