DNA Ploidy

DNA Ploidy

Test name:
DNA Ploidy and S-phase analysis

Order name:

Specimen requirements:
Formalin fixed paraffin-embedded block with representative H&E slide with tumor clearly marked. Please provide pathology report with specimen. Please provide a normal control tissue block to be run in parallel.

Minimum volume:

Storage and stability information:
Room temperature

Test performed:

Flow cytometry

Reference range:
See laboratory report

Clinical significance:
The analyses of DNA ploidy and cell cycle are a rapid and efficient way to evaluate the DNA content (ploidy) and proliferative activity (cell cycle/S-phase fraction) of cells. By staining the DNA with a fluorescent dye, flow cytometry can measure the dye fluorescence in many individual cells, and the data can be analyzed for ploidy (diploid/normal content or aneuploid/abnormal content) and proliferative activity.

CPT codes:
86355, 86356, 86357, 86359, 86360