Chromosome POC Analysis

Chromosome POC Analysis

Test name:
Chromosomes POC

Order name:

Specimen requirements:
Tissue from spontaneous abortions (miscarriages), stillborns, or autopsy specimens

Minimum volume:
3-10 mm3 of tissue, collected aseptically, placed in tissue transport media.  May use any type of sterile media in a sterile container. 

Storage and stability information:
Room temperature or refrigerate if overnight

Test performed:
Turnaround time 14-21 days

Microscopy, karyotype analysis

Reference range:
See lab report

Clinical significance:
Chromosome abnormalities are observed in ~60% of miscarriage specimens and 5 to 10% of stillborns.  Analysis of these abnormalities can help determine the cause of the miscarriage and the probability of recurrence due to a chromosome abnormality.

CPT codes:
88233x2, 88262