Chromosome Oncology Analysis

Chromosome Oncology Analysis

Test name:
Chromosome oncology analysis

Order name:
Chromosome oncology request

Specimen requirements:
Sodium heparin peripheral blood or bone marrow

Minimum volume:
0.5mL minimum, 3mL bone marrow preferred, 5mL blood preferred

Storage and stability information:
Room temperature. Transport to lab within 1 day of collection

Test performed:
Turnaround time 7-10 days

Microscopy, karyotype analysis

Reference range:
See lab report

Clinical significance:
In hematological malignant diseases, recurrent chromosomal abnormalities often correlate with particular types of leukemia and give information on diagnosis, staging of the disease, remission and relapse status, and transplant status.

CPT codes:
88237 x 2, 88262