Allergic conditions span the continuum from common to rare and uncomfortable to life-threatening. Originating in the immune system, reactions can develop on the skin and in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, causing discomfort in some, asthma symptoms in others and anaphylaxis in severe cases. Common allergy drivers include pollen, food, dust, medications, mold, animal dander, insect stings and pet dander. Physicians at BayCare provide comprehensive diagnostics, expert care, ongoing treatment and management plans for adults and children throughout Tampa Bay.

Testing & Diagnosing Allergies

There are a number of tests and procedures that help diagnose and test for allergies. Allergy skin tests are among the most common type. This test is used to find our which substances are causing allergic reactions. In addition to skin testing, respiratory testing can also be an effective diagnostic tool. Pulmonary function tests help measure how the lungs take in air, how they release air and how well the lungs move oxygen from the atmosphere into the body.
The wind blows dandelion seeds away from the plant.
A woman is sneezing into a tissue.

Medical Services & Therapies

After diagnostic testing is complete, your primary care physician or an allergist can create a customized treatment plan to help manage your allergies. Allergen pharmacotherapy, also known as drug and medicinal therapy, uses antihistimines, decongestants, bronchodilators, anti-inflammatories and anti-leukotrienes to control symptoms. Allergen immunotherapy is a small dose of allergen injected into the body. This type of allergy vaccine helps the body adapt to the allergen and decrease symptoms.

Preventing Allergies

If you suffer from indoor/outdoor or seasonal allergies, it’s best to combine a treatment plan with preventive measures. There are a number of ways to help prevent allergic reactions:

Wear a mask
Examine food labels
Stay indoors
Use air filters or dehumidifiers
Reduce sources of mildew
Frequently change linens


A little girl is blowing her nose into a tissue.