Walk-In Care Powered By BayCareAnywhere (Riviere Plaza)

35439 US Hwy 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Phone: (727) 771-9327
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-8:30pm
Saturday, 9am-6:30pm
Sunday, 11am-5:30pm

Walk-In Care at Publix allows you to have an online visit with a board-certified doctor using BayCareAnywhere® technology. Located inside select Publix pharmacies, Walk-In Care offers the convenience of a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, and a grocery store in one stop. So whether you need a prescription for medication or just some tissues and chicken noodle soup, we’ve got you covered. It’s virtual – made personal! – with the service you’ve come to expect from BayCare and Publix.