Specialized Lab Testing

BayCare Laboratories offers specialized testing for infectious disease, oncology and genetic abnormalities. Our scientific team includes board-certified pathologists, highly specialized scientists and specialty-trained technologists. We offer an extensive menu of specialized testing services that includes:

  • Flow cytometry is used primarily to help diagnose and classify blood cell cancers like leukemias and lymphomas, and to help guide treatment plans established by your physician.
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)/Cytogenetics is a powerful molecular/cytogenetic technique that can ascertain the presence or absence of a particular segment of DNA. This specialized testing helps physicians diagnose many types of chromosomal abnormalities in patients.
  • Molecular testing for oncology is the process of identifying disease by checking for certain genes, proteins or other molecules that may be a sign of cancer.  
  • Molecular testing for infectious disease results in detection of outbreaks and, in some cases, newly emerging strains. It also tests for sensitivity, specificity, identification of resistant organisms and quantifiable correlation to disease severity, all of which contribute to timely therapeutic clinical decisions and early infection control intervention.

If you have questions about specialized lab testing available to you, talk with your physician.