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Thank you! Your spot at BayCare Laboratories has been reserved! You will receive a confirmation text message to the number you provided, and if you provided an email address we've sent you a confirmation email as well.


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Please bring a valid photo ID, insurance card and your lab order (if one was provided to you) with you for your visit. Please check with your physician to see if he/she requires any special preparation for your test(s). If you need to fast, do not eat or drink anything for 10-12 hours before your test(s). This does not mean that you cannot drink water or brush your teeth. In most cases it is also acceptable to drink tea or coffee as long as you don’t use cream or sugar. If fasting is not required, please drink water. If your physician has ordered a urine test, be prepared to give us a sample. Please wear appropriate clothing (loose or short sleeves). However, remember it is cool in the lab and very hard to draw blood from a shivering patient, so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket.

Please consult your insurance plan details for any out-of-pocket costs which might apply (if applicable). For a list of insurance plans please click here

This service is not for use with life threatening, debilitating, or emergent medical conditions, and you agree that you are not attempting to use the service for such a condition. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

For your safety, you will be asked to verify your information at the facility prior to admittance.

While we share a single health record across BayCare, each division (i.e. Hospitals, Physician Offices) has separate registration paperwork that must be completed.

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