Frequently Asked Questions

When can I go home?

Within 24 hours of arriving to the Center for Psychiatry you will be seen by a psychiatrist for an evaluation. The psychiatrist will determine if you can be discharged or if you need further treatment. When you are discharged depends on the evaluation and your response to treatment. When he or she finds that you do not need further treatment, you will be discharged. The discharge process may take several hours to complete and transportation must be arranged, but you can go home the same day he or she discharges you.

What will happen to all of my belongings?

Except for clothes, you are encouraged to send any belongings home. Patients are limited to three sets of clothes and clothes must be appropriate for the unit (no sexually inappropriate, offensive, violent/firearm, or drug/alcohol advertising is allowed). Any clothing that is determined to be inappropriate will be placed in storage until you are discharged. Valuables (money, jewelry, credit cards, cell phones/electronics, etc) will be locked in a safe on the unit until you are discharged.

Can I smoke?

Winter Haven Hospital is a smoke-free facility. The use of tobacco products is not allowed at the Center for Psychiatry, including cigarettes. If you smoke, and are concerned about withdrawal symptoms, please talk to the nurse about a nicotine patch or nicotine gum to help with cravings while you are in the hospital.

Can I have visitors?

Visitation for admitted patients is scheduled at the Center for Psychiatry every day from 6p-7p and also 1p-2p on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Visitors are limited to three at a time. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and children under 12 are permitted only under special circumstance after approval by the psychiatrist and charge nurse. Patients in the Transitional Care Area (TCA) may not have visitors, but are free to use the phone to speak to their loved ones while they are awaiting transfer to another facility.

How will my family get information about me?

Patient information is strictly confidential at the Center for Psychiatry. Upon admission, you will be asked to identify loved ones you want to have information released to. Your loved ones are encouraged to call us for information and updates on your status. Since your stay with us is confidential, we can not acknowledge your presence on the unit or provide any information to anyone other than those that you have given your written permission to have that information.

What is the Baker Act?

The Baker Act is Florida's Mental Health Act. It states that a person that appears to have a mental illness can be held in a facility for up to 72 hours for observation to determine if they need to receive treatment for a mental illness. If you were admitted involuntarily under the Baker Act that means that at some point recently, someone was concerned for your safety and felt that you needed help and that without help you may be a danger to yourself or someone else. Law enforcement officers, physicians, and some licensed mental health professionals are a few of the individuals that are qualified to initiate a Baker Act. A psychiatrist or psychologist will evaluate you and determine what your needs are.

Center for Behavioral Health Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

CBH office hours are 8:00am-4:30, Monday through Friday. After hours Emergency phone number is (800) 723-3248.

How do I know if you accept my insurance?

CBH accepts most third party commercial insurances as well as Medicaid and Medicare plans. When you call to schedule an appointment the person on the phone will let you know if we accept your insurance.

What if I don't have any money to pay for services?

For people without a third party payer or those who cannot afford the full fee for services, you may qualify for a fee reduction if you provide proof of income CBH may also work out a payment plan for you.

How often will I be seen?

The frequency of sessions will be determined by the treatment plan that you and your counselor develop to guide your care.

Can I get my medication at Center for Behavioral Health?

CBH has an onsite contracted pharmacy through Genoa Healthcare that can fill any prescription that you may have from any doctor. This is available on site Monday-Friday during the same hours of operation as our outpatient services.

How is my information kept confidential?

CBH cannot release any information about you to anyone without your permission, except under a court order. It is helpful to your treatment if you will allow us to speak to your family members and other treatment providers like your primary care physician to ensure your care is coordinated safely.