Pre-Admission Testing

If you are having surgery at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, you will be scheduled for a pre-admission testing appointment within one week of your procedure. The Pre-Admission Testing Office is located near St. Joseph's Women's parking garage and can be reached at (813) 872-2905.

Pre-Admission Visit

During your visit, you will complete several forms needed for your surgery. Please bring with you a list of your current medications and a list of previous surgeries. If you have a Primary Care Physician , we will need to know the doctor’s name and telephone number. During pre-admission, you will also meet with your anesthesiologist and receive instructions about your time of surgery, the pre-operative routine and any other instructions ordered by your doctor. Please allow approximately two hours for your pre-admission testing visit.

Doctor’s Orders and Consent Surgery

Some offices will give doctor’s orders and consent surgery forms to bring to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, and some prefer to send the papers directly to our Pre-Admission Testing Office. Please check with your surgeon’s office regarding these papers before your pre-admission testing appointment.

Please note: blood and urine testing, EKG (electrocardiogram) and a chest X-ray may be required by your surgeon or the anesthesiologist. If ordered, contact your physician prior to your pre-admission testing appointment to determine where this testing will be done. If you have had an EKG or chest X-ray within the past six months, please bring a copy of the results with you to your pre-admission testing appointment.

If you need more information on pre-admission testing for an upcoming procedure at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, please call (813) 872-2905.