Pet Therapy at St. Joseph’s Hospitals

Older man in hospital bet with a yellow lab lying next to himAt St. Joseph’s Hospital, care comes in many different forms. Our Pet Therapy program offers our patients a kind of care that can’t be prescribed by their doctor.

Pet therapy dogs interact with patients at the hospital and can help reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue. The dogs provide comfort, entertainment and a positive distraction, not just to the patient but to friends and family that are visiting.

All of the therapy dogs receive training, certification and vaccinations before joining the team. Once on board the dogs get an official badge and clock in and out, usually staying at the hospital about two hours. 

Pet therapy sessions consist of holding and petting the dog for a few minutes at a time. All pet therapy dogs have trading cards which are given to the patients as a memento of their visit.

For more information on St. Joseph’s Pet Therapy program please contact the appropriate hospital volunteer resource office.

St. Joseph’s Hospital (813) 870-4188

St. Joseph’s Hospital- North (813) 443-7000

St. Joseph’s Hospital- South (813) 302-8000