Before recommending surgery, our board-certified neurosurgeons help you explore other options. But if an operation is the best choice, they take the time to explain the process and make you feel comfortable. They also offer advanced, minimally invasive procedures whenever possible — a specialty of our program.

Comprehensive Neurosurgery at St. Joseph’s

Neurological problems can stem from tumors, abnormal blood vessels and damaged or compressed nerves. At St. Joseph’s, our board-certified neurosurgeons work with other specialists to provide the full range of treatments to relieve your symptoms or prevent serious complications. Learn more about our treatments:

Learn more about the conditions we treat.

Neurosurgery Technology at St. Joseph’s

We embrace new technology when it shows a clear benefit for our patients. Our latest tools include:

  • Navigation System: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT or CAT) scans before certain procedures allow our neurosurgeons to create a 3D “map” of the surgical area. Computer assistance then creates a GPS-like system, providing guidance to our neurosurgeons as they use their instruments. That makes procedures safer and more effective, especially for more difficult tumors.
  • Intraoperative MRI: We are one of the few centers in the region to offer special, open (low-field) magnetic resonance imaging during surgery (intraoperative) — providing our neurosurgeons extra scans during certain procedures so they can make sure your treatment is successful.

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