Stroke and Neuroscience Services in Tampa, Florida

The Stroke and Neuroscience Program at St. Joseph's Hospital focuses on the treatment of brain, spinal cord, nervous disorders and stroke. We provide a broad spectrum of services for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of all of these neurological problems and disorders.

Trust us to apply the most promising neurological procedures

St. Joseph's Hospital is certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by DNV Healthcare and awarded as a GTWG - Stroke Gold Plus by the American Heart Association. These recognitions reflect the highest level of competence and quality for the treatment of serious stroke events. We were the first hospital in the southeastern United States to offer NOVA (Non-invasive Optimal Vessel Analysis) to help prevent stroke risk, and we are still the only hospital in Central and South Florida with the technology.

Our specialists are prepared to evaluate your condition with the latest diagnostic tests available, and they can determine the best path of treatment for you. Some of our onsite diagnostic procedures include balance testing, computerized dynamic posturography, inner ear testing and memory testing. Read more about our comprehensive program offerings:

  • Neurosurgery: Cerebrovascular disorders affecting blood vessels in the brain are our specialty.
  • Spine Surgery: We offer both minimally invasive procedures and complex spinal tumor surgeries.
  • Stroke Center: St. Joseph’s Hospital is nationally recognized for its expertise in stroke care.

To learn more about our neurology services, please call (813) 870-4000.

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